Education is . . .





“a necessary part of life”

“what you make of it”




I am a future educator going through the rigors of graduate studies. I am an educator experiencing first hand these responses to education. I am an educator in awe and disbelief at the things I am experiencing. There is good and there is bad. But the bad experiences I am having relate nothing to the inevitable stress and workload of being a graduate student. No, rather my negative experiences have everything to do with the lack of professionalism I am facing in a “grader” for my first graduate studies semester. The lack of constructive criticism I am receiving. When was it decided that rude commentary and abandoning papers mid-way because they aren’t worth the time is acceptable behavior in an educator? When was it decided that it is ok to demand a rewrite of a paper without any semblance of guidance as to what exactly needs to be rewritten? Syllabuses are unclear, rubrics are nonexistent, expectations are blurry, and then comes an educator who’s only goal seems to be to crush spirits and make as many nasty comments as possible before giving up on his job for the night.

When things get tough or irritating, I do not get to “give up”. When I am in the role of an educator it is my JOB to work through those moments, to provide guidance, to show some semblance of helping. I do not speak to my students as if they are 3 year olds (unless they are 3 year olds), I do not speak to my students as if they are not human beings.

On a tangent, why in the HELL is MLA formatting so fucking important when I’m on the path to becoming a Theatre Teacher!?!?!?!?!?! Why in the hell is MLA formatting even a THING!?!?!

It takes the fun and passion and light and heart that is ART out of everything I’m writing. It deflates the very reasons I got into theatre. It does not relate at all to the reality of being a theatre professional. It does not connect. It does not correlate. It does not collaborate with the world I live in.

I’m beginning to wonder why it is I’m in this program, I’m beginning to wonder if this is truly the path to being a successful theatre artist and teacher. I suppose the teaching certificate is necessary, but again……how that does relate to the heart and soul that is theatre?


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