30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 29

29 of 30


and in a single sleep cycle,
deep in a burrow of cheap blankets,
the world fell drunk
with winter’s soft seduction

springtime birds peck at nests
filled with broken flakes
tulips shiver under icy blankets
while the sun cowers behind blanched clouds
and people slowly stumble,
into the wonderland they thought they left behind.


30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 28

28 of 30


shattered snowflakes
melt between shivering blades of grass
as spring
comes tumbling from the sky
with a boisterous laugh
and the warm touch

with low-rumbling giggles
spring climbs through tree branches,
digs deep into the once frozen ground,
jumps on every garden bed
“wake up
wake up

i often forget that you love me

letting your affection slip through the cracks
of my fingertips
denying that I’m thirsty for refreshment

letting your “I love you”s drift
soundlessly into the recesses of my brain
to play hide and seek
with the child inside me who hasn’t played in years
hasn’t wanted to

letting your sound body
lay in stillness on our co-owned mattress
while my fingers find enjoyment
against the cold black keys of the computer
writing words that will never
find shelter on the tip of my tongue
or refuge in crook of your ear

i am afraid to let you love me
because the destruction of love is my speciality.

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 27

27 of 30


the sharp proclamation
of a train streaming past
has long been a blanket for my heart

conjuring images of my childhood bedroom:

the walls painted disney princess purple and yellow,
the power button of my stereo system glaring red across the room,
the books that spoke to me as friends fast asleep in their covers,

while I let the rippling sound of the train
roll around in my mouth,
hum gently in my ears,
slowly vibrate out of my fingertips

until the siren call to travel
had lulled me to sleep. . .

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 26

26 of 30


lazy-puffing clouds set sail
for the horizon line
as daylight cracks thru the air
and mortals’ white-upturned eyes
fight to open,
petal by petal
…like a rose
drinking in an afternoon mist. . .

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 25

25 of 30


envy clings to my ankle like an
emaciated child – desperately salivating at every success
walking past in heels and silk blouses
with that undeniable glint of predetermined purpose
for the day and years to come

I lock eyes with envy’s glassy stare
“are you sure that’s what you want?”

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 24 (combined with #popupglobalpoetry)

This poem was inspired by my favorite Shakespearean quote:

“I am no pilot; yet wert thou as far as that vast shore wash’d with the farthest sea, I should adventure for such merchandise.” – Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Sc. 2


This poem will ultimately be written out and left somewhere for a stranger to find – be on the lookout or join the movement by writing your own shakespeare inspired poem and leaving it somewhere with #popupglobalpoetry and your instagram name written somewhere on it (if you’re into that). Take a photo of where you leave it and see what happens!



24 of 30

To the one who loves me –

You should know
I am no chef
and pots and pans despise me,
but if hunger should seek your death
I’d put those differences behind me.

I am, indeed, no mechanic
and I break more than repair,
but if you were to fall apart
I’d fix you with a flair.

I am, by far, no doctor
and know little of anatomy,
but if you fell deathly ill
I would remedy your malady.

My dear, I am no pilot
and I don’t know how to fly,
but if you were lost afar
I’d quickly take unto the sky

Because for you,
despite my flaws,
I would do anything
to guarantee that in you eyes
I look like everything.




30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 22

22 of 30

(Happy Earth Day!)


the earth was my first best friend
witness to hundreds
of my first steps
and every single bike accident
before I found my balance

her trees have been my second home,
a place to escape
when concrete and the technologically obsessed
drenched my face with salt water

her surface of dirt and grass
has embraced me
each day of my life,
softly supporting every step,
whether forwards or backwards,
she’s been there to catch my fall

as I stare at the mountains,
a loud statement
of her undeniable strength,
I wonder how people
can kill
the friend who has shown me
nothing but love

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 21

21 of 30


coffee caresses her chapped lips
like the hand of a lover –
carefully closing the distance
between then
and now
between asleep
and awake

every drop of caffeine
slowly lifts her heavy eyes
a small smile stretches between her ears

a delicate warmth spreads,
her body seeks more space. . .

and then the day
comes into
glaring view.

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 20

20 of 30


I sink into these cotton sheets
like rocks sink thru water,
only searching for the very bottom

for the place where
I am allowed a moment
of collapse

and the world
becomes my skeleton

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